let the games begin

With every game hooked up to innovative RFID tech and digital leader boards, this is the funfair… exactly like you don’t remember. There are bears (and bragging rights) to be won.

How to Play

When you come to Fairgame, it's all about the fun. If however, you want to raise the stakes, we've got that covered too

Feeling Competitive?

You’ll be issued with a Games Card which you’ll use to tap into the games.

All games are linked to your personalised leaderboard.

You’ll play each game once but we'll give you two goes to get a high score - the best will go through to your leaderboard.

You can view your leaderboard on our in-venue screens or from your mobile.

You’ll be able to see how you performed against your group, by game and overall.


...your games card and get your [Fair] game face on.


...for fun or compete against your group. Be as social or competitive as you want to be.


...by finishing top of your leaderboard or smash any of our selected games and win a prize.