let the games begin

They’re back. The fairground games to help us re-awaken our most joyous inner-kid. This is the funfair, exactly like you don’t remember. With every game hooked up to innovative RFID wristband tech, and a bespoke app that logs gamers’ scores, tracks leader boards and takes bragging rights to a whole new level.  

How to Play

You play every game twice - in any order. Your best scores go through to the leader board in real time. You'll quickly get a taste for beating your best friends... or for margaritas and tacos.


…your RFID wristband.
Get your [Fair]game face on.


…individually or in teams of any size. Be as competitive and as sociable as you want to be.


…by finishing top of your leaderboard.
Eyes on the big soft cuddly teddy bear.